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a ChatGPT Plugin


In this course you will learn how to build, deploy and monetize a ChatGPT plugin from scratch, without even needing Plugin Developer Approval.

Step-by-step guide with sample code

In this course, we discuss all aspects of plugin creation and provide sample code in Python and Javascript.

Fun facts
Average users per day for a new ChatGPT plugin

ChatGPT plugins are a way to grow your userbase while providing value to the fastest growing consumer platform ever. With over 100 million active users, ChatGPT plugins published get around 2000 new users per day.

Average users per day for plugins in the "Popular" section.

The "Popular" section in the ChatGPT plugin store is featured first for users. Developers creating plugins have experienced around 75,000 users per day or 500,000 users per week using their plugin when on this section.

Plugins published and counting

Build your plugin as soon as possible and get the first mover advantage with our course. The ChatGPT plugin store will only get more crowded, and the quality of the plugins will only go up.

Of Course takers approve the course material

The course is designed to de-mystify many of the aspects of creating a plugin. Many of the topics taught in the course are not available in any documentation.

Course Highlights

In this course you'll learn everything about ChatGPT plugins, including the AI Plugin Manifest, OpenAPI specification, how to monetize your plugin, how to get accepted for development access and more.

Essential Concepts

What to build

Learn from the experts - find out exactly what plugins to build to get the most out of the ChatGPT store, based on past and present plugin performance.

Bonus Content

Build ChatGPT Plugins without Developer Access

Get the exact code to enable you to develop ChatGPT plugins with API access alone. Pre-build, test and refine your plugin for when your access is approved and hit the ground running.

Course Content

Our 6 chapter course is packed with knowledge and value for building your plugin. View the highlights here

ChatGPT Plugin Essentials

What to Build (24m)

Course Basics & Requirements (12m)

How to Apply for Dev Access (18m)

All About AI Plugin Manifest (15m)

All About OpenApi Specification (27m)

Understanding Auth Types (18m)

Building a Localhost Plugin (23m)

Deadly Mistakes to Avoid (14m)

Why you Should use Ngrok (8m)

Building Plugin Functionality

How to build your backend (14m)

Designing your API (11m)

Plugin limitations (8m)

Database retrieval plugin (22m)

External API plugin (13m)

Track usage and send emails (11m)

Add billing to your plugin (20m)

Advanced OpenAPI features (15m)

Dynamic OpenAPI generation (7m)

Deploying to Production

All About Plugin hosting (11m)

Code hosting and safety (7m)

How to run your plugin for free (15m)

AWS Deployment (9m)

Heroku Deployment (6m)

Rate limiting, CDN, caching (14m)

Plugin Review

Verification checklist (5m)

Plugin Verification Tips & Tricks (13m)

Get the Maximum Number of Users

Testing and error handling (9m)

How to respond if disapproved (10m)

What to do after you get published (6m)

Staying on the store (4m)

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